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HAC is a global player for transportation and logistics. Some 45 international agencies on all continents are our guarantee for the implementation of our customers´requirements in the field of air and surface logistics.

Our technology is permanently kept on highest IT standard level. The information processing comprises all basic necessities like internet access, trade auctions,
e-booking, barcoding, tracking and tracing, just to mention the most vital ones.

Our most important resource, however, is the human factor represented by our highly skilled work force! The have learned the job to perfection, they feel at home in our trade and know how to use the synergetic factor of teamwork effectively.

Our personal efforts join to bring about our
customers´satisfaction, and our experience for years is the ultimate reason that HAC will and can guarantee a scheduled and secure transaction of our business.


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The customer first!

Transparency and honest dealings

Highest standards in all areas of business

Our aim is to always be the best

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